Our homes are a fancy dinner to termites.

Maze Services uses the Hex Pro Termite Bait System.Installing a termite bait system is fast becoming popular. Termite bait systems function by making food available to the termites which contain a slow-acting poison. The localized poison stations are safer and act directly on the termites, negating the need for widely spread pesticides. Termite baiting systems are capable of completely eradicating nests since the termite workers are baited and poisoned over time.There are other advantages to bait systems, as well. Bait systems can be used to locate the origin nest. This is done by using non-lethal bait in multiple bait stations. By observing which bait stations have termite activity, our professional termite exterminators can often approximate the location of the nest. This allows us to take more active and direct measures, such as applying pesticides to the nest itself.Even if your home or building has no termites, installation of bait systems can be a good preventative measure. Regular checks of a termite bait system can achieve early warning of a termite infestation. If termite activity is found in previously untouched bait stations, we have the opportunity to take immediate steps to prevent further spread of the colony. 
Termite baiting systems are simply a more logical means of pest control than traditional pesticide barriers. While they do require greater periods to function properly, they're safer, more flexible, and provide much longer lasting anti-termite protection. 

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